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Launch Day

The Baverican is alive.

Let us introduce ourselves

We are beyond excited.

And we are proud. And thankful

We started this journey in May of 2019 - And we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Developing products. Creating packaging. Finding suppliers. Product photography. Video shoots. Manufacturing. Bookkeeping. Meeting with patent lawyers. Designing logos. Laughing. Crying. Breaking an ankle. And Covid-19.

What a year it has been!

We are incredibly proud of the hard work we have been putting into Baverican so far. But the real heroes are all the people that helped us in so many ways! Our gratitude to them is beyond words. Friends, family, colleagues. They all rose up to the occasion and supported us in every way imaginable! And we owe a LOT of favors now.

We believe there is no better country to start a small business than the USA. The American Dream is part of this society and always will be. From words of encouragement to lending equipment and sharing knowledge: Thank you to everybody who has helped us along the way! You are amazing!

And now please excuse us. We have a launch to celebrate!