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The Slidekickz Box

Origami Science at Baverican

When it was time to come up with packaging for our Slidekickz we came across Origami Folding Techniques - just by coincidence. We did not have to think twice: A Box made out of biodegradable paper was the perfect solution! Earth-friendly, easy, cute!

  • Fold a square piece of paper (we use 8" x 8") in half on the horizontal axis. Crease well and unfold.


  • Fold paper in half on vertical axis. Again, crease well and unfold.


  • Using these lines as guide, fold all four corners of the paper into its center.


  • Fold both edges to the centerline.


  • Unfold you paper, it should look just like picture 3.


  • Turn your paper.


  • Fold edges again to the centerline.
  • To bring up the outer walls do a reverse fold as shown in picture 2.


  • Tuck in the flap as shown to form the side of the box.


  • Turn your box, repeat the last steps and form the other wall of your box.


  • Voila! Your Origami Box is done!



Recycled card stock.



Box: 8" x 8". The purple one is the box.

Lid: 81/2" x 81/2". The yellow one is the box lid.



Small cutouts in the side walls of the lid make it easy to open the box


Our Slidekickz boxes come with a burlap insert on the bottom and a wooden divider, so the Slidekickz won't scratch each other during shipping. The wooden divider is made out of scrap wood from our Counter Float™ production.

For stand mixer enthusiasts.

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