We create unique products for your kitchen.

We are married. With children. All girls. (We know!)

We love each other. We laugh together. We cook and bake together. And we rarely miss a homemade dinner.

We respect one another. We care about good people, good relationships, great food and the environment. Yeah, we are German, so we can seem a bit grumpy at times (mostly Dennis), but we're humble, friendly and quite happy people.

And we know each other. Very well. And so it only made sense for us to start working together. So we began a journey, one to add a little Kühnel love to your kitchen.


Skates for your KitchenAid® stand mixer.

Yeah, that might sound strange, but pop them on and it will make total sense!

Add freedom of movement today and never lift your heavy mixer again.

Quality kicks to match a quality mixer.

Made from durable aluminum.
No plastic here.

Tilt Head? Bowl Lift?

We got you covered.

Match your mixer's personality!

Choose your color.




America's first elegant appliance caddy.

Not just a really handsome panel, but one with a huge purpose in the kitchen!

Add style and convenience to your kitchen and let Counter Float™ do the heavy lifting for you.

From our home to yours.

Every Counter Float™ is made right here in Greenville, SC.

Crafted and Finished by Hand.

Because your kitchen deserves it.

Choose from two designs.



Available in two finishes




And get in touch with a real Baverican!
It's so wild!

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