Counter Float

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The Elegant Way to Move Small Kitchen Appliances

Counter Float™ lets you move heavy small appliances with ease. Store away your coffee maker, food processor or slow cooker in style, and simply pull them out to the front of the countertop when needed. Counter Float™ is the perfect hybrid between practicality and style.

We use 1", 20 ply plywood - it is the perfect choice for the structural integrity of the panel, allowing support for small appliances up to 60lbs. Our wood is sourced in North America only. The Counter Float decal is made from wood and with plant-based ink as well as plant-based glue.

High quality, large felt pads on the bottom allow for easy sliding - while small felt pads on the backside protect the panel from scratches when it's parked against the wall or tiles.

Each Counter Float™ is being handcrafted in Greenville, SC - Because your kitchen deserves it!

Counter Float is 100% made in the USA.